Racing Programs at Van's Motorsports
Racing Programs at Van's Motorsports

Matt Guenther

Series: AFT Singles
From: St. Jacob, IL

A word from Matthew:
“My name is Matthew Guenther and I am a 19 year old professional flat track racer in the AFT Singles division. I have been racing since the age of 7 and have never taken a look back on any other career. Our sport is broadcasted and televised nationally, which offers us small teamed riders a chance to be seen.

Riding for Van’s Motorsports has changed the way we can now do things now with our program. From help with parts to even bikes, this man has furthered our program tremendously. I am a privateer rider, but have many great sponsors behind me.

There is nothing like thanking the local shop from your childhood when you grab that top spot on the box. Being a privateer might be a struggle, but great people like Van Hammel make it a touch easier for a guy like me.”

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Racing Programs at Van's Motorsports
Racing Programs at Van's Motorsports

Blake Steinwagner

Series: AFT Singles
From: Marissa, IL

A word from Blake:
“My name is Blake Steinwagner and I am a 17 year old professional American Flat Track Racer from Marissa, IL. I have accomplished multiple National Championships and multiple podium finishes, with numerous national wins.

As you may know, racing professionally is an expensive sport. Sponsorships help us down the road each weekend traveling across the United States, following the dream of winning an American Flat Track Singles main event."

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