Full Service Oil Change

UTVsStarting at
Polaris Midside UTVs$129.99 + tax
Polaris Fullsize UTVs$139.99 + tax
Yamaha UTVs$149.99 + tax
Honda Midsize UTVs$159.99 + tax
Honda Fullsize UTVs$199.99 + tax
ATVsStarting at
Polaris ATVs$129.99 + tax
Yamaha ATVs$129.99 + tax
Honda ATVs$129.99 + tax
MotorcyclesStarting at
Street Bikes$119.99 + tax
Dirt Bikes$99.99 + tax
  • Oil & Filter
  • Inspect Spark Plugs
  • Inspect / Clean Air Filter
  • Adjust cables
  • Check and adjust brakes
  • Check differential oils
  • Inspect boots
  • Check / Adjust tire pressures
  • Check Clutch & Radiator Fluids
  • Inspect Battery Connection
  • Safety Check / Inspection
  • Test Drive

Service Add-Ons

  • Replace Air-Filter
  • Replace Boots
  • Replace Clutch Fluids
  • Change Spark Plugs
  • Sync Throttle Bodies
  • Replace Radiator Fluids
  • Change Differential Oils
  • Adjust Carbs
  • Replace Battery

Tire Change

Wheels already offPurchased HereStarting atBring Your OwnStarting at
ATV / UTV Tires$15.00 / tire$30.00 / tire
Street Bike Tires (Tubeless)$20.00 / tire$50.00 / tire
Dire Bike Tires (Tubeless)$30.00 / tire$50.00 / tire
Wheels still on unitPrices based on time required
Tires requiring wheel weights to be properly balanced will be charged $6.00 per wheel weight.
All tire changes are subject to a $2.50 tax per tire disposal fee, as required by law.
Any unit with tube tires, bead lock rims, specialty rims, or damaged rims will be charged on a case-by-case basis.

Other Services

UTV Turn Signal Kit Installation$180.00 plus parts & tax (kit sold separately)
Cylinder Bore4-Stroke: $90.00   2-Stroke: $100.00
All other Services$89.00 / hour plus parts & taxes

Please Keep in Mind!

Older UnitsUnits 10 years and older often require more time and labor
CleanlinessVehicles must be clean at the time of drop off or you may incur a minimum $89 cleaning fee
Other BrandsManufacturer-specific parts that are not the brands we carry may incur higher parts prices and shipping costs
Warranty DisclaimerVehicles getting warranty repairs that were not purchased at Van’s Motorsports may incur labor charges for time not covered by the manufacturer
TimelinessWe are not responsible for maintaining vehicles that were completed and not picked up in a timely manner. A storage fee will be charged if unit is in the shop 10 days after completion.
Repair EstimatesRepair Estimates and Crash Damage Estimates will be charged for the mechanic’s time, minimum of $50.00

To schedule a service appointment, please call us at  and ask for the Service Department

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